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Casablanca cafe luncheons released

All the detainees who were arrested as part of the police raid on a cafe in Casablanca were released on Wednesday, a close source said.

While breaking their youth publicly without legitimate reason in the middle of Ramadan, the group of Moroccans were finally released. They were, however, heard in court records, according to a source familiar with the matter, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews.

The decision of the security services to raid this cafe, came after learning of calls to join the cafe to break up the youngster there, on social networks and instant messaging networks.

The police acted on instructions from the public prosecutor’s office in application of the law, it is said. And to add that the calls for the freezing of the application of chapter 222 of the penal code are calls for a denial of justice.

The same source underlined that the opponents to the application of this law on the breaking of the fast in public during the month of Ramadan must plead for an amendment of law before the authorities in charge of the legislation and not before the authority in charge of law enforcement.




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