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Carpooling is attracting more and more people, especially young people

With soaring fuel prices, carpooling is enjoying some success in Morocco. In effect, Faced with the exponential rise in diesel and gasoline prices, and therefore a transport budget that continues to grow over the weeks, Moroccans are adapting to this new way of doing things that is carpooling.

Also, one of the suitable solutions lies in carpooling. The latter is attracting more and more followers and particularly in this period when more people – especially young people – have to go to their loved ones to celebrate the rituals of Eid Al Adha. By adopting this way of doing things, they escape the high transport prices that this situation generates, especially in bus stations where many families recently had to cancel their trip and turn back in the face of the exorbitant prices offered by coaches, taxis, etc.

This practical, ecological and economical alternative to sharing a vehicle to save money connects passengers and drivers thanks either to smartphone applications or to virtual pages on social networking sites indicating the dates and times of journeys as well as the number of passengers. authorized to interact and agree or disagree on the costs of the trip. With the approach of Eid Al Adha, therefore, many Moroccans, especially young people, have devoted themselves to sharing the costs of the journey by carpooling, far from the frequent controversies over the price of public transport.

Admittedly, not everything is perfectible and some of the carpool enthusiasts have denounced certain offers which they believe do not take into account the spirit of carpooling and which happen to be at prices similar to those of bus stations in calling them “digital bus stations”. Many users of these applications have informed MoroccoLatestNews of this.

But for the most part our young followers of group travel, they warmly welcomed, the ” quality of carpooling services “, pointing out that he ” strengthens the competitiveness of the transport sector in Morocco, following the example of European countries “, calling for ” the generalization of the idea on a large scale for the future “.

For Tarek Bakhti, Secretary General of the Moroccan Consumer Forum (FOMAC), an association that campaigns for the protection of consumer rights, “ Carpooling is a modern phenomenon in Morocco, and it draws inspiration from the Old Continent, notably France and Spain, where its services have been codified and structured in national legislation through websites and telephone applications. “.

Bakhti confiding in MoroccoLatestNews, explained that “ this service is safe because it provides customers with the identity of the driver as well as information on the vehicle and its registration number, in addition to knowing the price in advance or even negotiating it, on a lesser basis “. The activist said that “ carpooling has become widespread in Morocco, and there has been a strong demand lately, due to the rise in fuel prices”, We are increasingly asking for this way of getting around, adds our interlocutor, “especially during events of a social nature such as Eid Al Fitr or Eid Al Adha “.

Tarek Bakhti further explained that “ carpooling for young people is becoming an alternative to the high prices of transport tickets at bus stations. It’s a win-win for all parties, whether it’s the car owner who seeks to share the cost of the trip with his passengers or the latter who seek to travel at a low price. “.

Bakhti added that “ the legal regulation of carpooling is still in the works because some exploit it for clandestine transport, but that it remained a “win-win” idea for everyone “, before concluding by saying, “ carpooling is also a viable alternative to the transport crisis in big cities”.




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