Cape Verde wants to attract more Moroccan private investment

Cape Verde’s Minister Delegate for Business Development, Adalgisa Barbosa Vaz, expressed, Thursday in Marrakech, her country’s ambition to see Moroccan private investment strengthen in Cape Verde.

In a statement to the press after a meeting with the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, on the sidelines of the work of the 14th edition of the United States-Africa Business Summit, Adalgisa Barbosa Vaz said stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between Morocco and Cape Verde by focusing on strengthening Moroccan private investment in his country.

“The strengthening of South-South cooperation in this particular context where our countries are going through a triple crisis, is the solution so that we can revive our economy”said the Cape Verdean minister in this regard.

To this end, she hailed the openness and interest shown by the Moroccan authorities, in particular the Ministry of Industry, to relaunch this cooperation and develop Moroccan investments in Cape Verde.

Adalgisa Barbosa Vaz also noted that the meeting with Ryad Mezzour was an opportunity to explore the various investment opportunities in the Kingdom, in particular with the various agreements signed, but also with the upcoming opening of the Embassy. of Cape Verde in Rabat and a Consulate General in Dakhla.

“We are on the right track to create this institutional framework that will allow Moroccan investors to direct their investments”did she say.

Placed under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI, the 14th edition of the USA-Africa Business Summit, which will continue until July 22, is attended in particular by a large American government delegation, African ministers and decision-makers. of the largest American multinationals and of the African business community.

Offering the opportunity to establish future-oriented USA-Morocco-Africa tripartite business partnerships, this Summit also represents an opportunity to consolidate the strategic positioning of Morocco, the only African country to have concluded a free trade agreement with the United States, as a hub for Africa and a reference economic partner for the USA.



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