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CAN 2025: Morocco, host country for African teams

Morocco has always been the ultimate destination in Africa for football tourists and major competitions, writes the Nigerian news site “Sportsvillagesquare”.

“Even before its spectacular career at the Qatar-2022 World Cup, Morocco had played a major role in the qualifying series”, indicates the media, adding that “in the perspective of the Qatar-2022 World Cup, many countries Africans whose stadiums were less well equipped gave up their home matches to Morocco”.

“This was easily remarkable in November 2022, when a series of seven World Cup qualifying matches took place in Morocco over five days,” the author of the article continues, specifying that “the series has involved 10 countries, making Morocco the preferred destination for African sporting events due to its world-class infrastructure”.

“If we add these seven matches to the eight that Morocco had already hosted as part of the qualifications for Qatar-2022, the Kingdom is therefore the country that has organized the highest number of qualifying matches for the Qatar World Cup. -2022”, he says.

“Having hosted many African countries, Morocco is a candidate for the organization of the 2025 African Cup of Nations, which will bring together 24 nations, after the withdrawal of initial rights to Guinea”, he puts forward, noting that according to official documents, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) is requesting six stadiums from candidate countries.

Two of these stadiums must be able to accommodate 40,000 spectators. Two more are to have a capacity of 20,000, while another group of two stadiums is to have a capacity of 15,000.

Morocco has stadiums which, in their vast majority, have capacities much higher than those requested by CAF, underlines the author of the article.

He recalls that the Grand Stade d’Agadir has a capacity of 45,480 seats, i.e. an excess capacity of 5,480 seats, while the Prince Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat has a capacity of 52,000 seats, i.e. 12,000 more than what is required. .

Ibn Batouta Stadium in Tangier, which is currently co-hosting the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup with Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat, is even more breathtaking, he continues.

“Its capacity of 65,000 seats means that the stadium has 25,000 more seats than the required capacity. The Grand Stade de Marrakech can accommodate 45,240 people, i.e. 5,240 more than the higher requirement of CAF”, he explains.

And to add that “the Hassan II stadium, with a capacity of 45,000 seats, also exceeds the maximum requirement of CAF, as does the Mohammed V stadium in Casablanca, with a capacity of 65,000 seats”.

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