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Cafés and World Cup where pleasure versus greed

The World Cup which is in full swing so to speak, it is a fact, is the best happiness for all football fans on the planet.

For those who have not had the opportunity or the opportunity to be in the stands, they turn to their televisions or even to those in cafes or other places where the atmosphere is warmer and shared between fans like d example, those who support our Atlas Lions and they are legion. For many of them, watching the matches live on the big screen, accompanied by their friends, is a real tradition in which they gladly immerse themselves.

If this universal football meeting makes them happy, in Morocco and even elsewhere, it is nonetheless a source of additional income, not to say consistent, for the cafes and restaurants which seem to have prepared well for the occasion. And for good reason, since they are subscribers to the famous channel with rights, they allow themselves to add a small bribe to the price of consumption as long as they display the pricing beforehand, just to stay within the law and welcome a willing clientele.

But to see it well, it smells of scam and greed because they take advantage of a passion or addiction if you want to make pèze, knowing in this that a enthusiast would pay a fortune to see his team evolve and here the case is even patriotic since it is about selection. The cafe owners and other restaurateurs, broadcasting the football World Cup matches, explain this by the fact that they add to the atmosphere of sophisticated equipment (giant screens, high quality televisions) a gastronomic side and entertainment to be more attractive in order to justify their increase.

Except that, the latter becomes squarely in the domain of the scam because the prices of a drink or a given service go from simple to quadruple or even more sometimes. A coffee owner in Mohammedia contacted by MoroccoLatestNews and wishing to remain anonymous replied that raising prices was legal as long as the pricing was displayed beforehand. ” This practice is customary but for my part I kept the same rates as normal. In the popular cafes the increase is not excessive, it is 2 to 3 dhs per drink and especially for the circumstance”.

He backs up our claims by saying, indeed other establishments were waiting for this opportunity and prepared for it accordingly (subscriptions with more choice, new products, acquisition of additional equipment or even change of scenery for a suitable setting for watching a match, etc.) Also to catch up they double or even triple the prices of consumption. They are catching up in this way, believing that all means are good to increase their turnover in this special period. They benefit from the fact that the meeting times are at convenient times that correspond perfectly to the filling of the establishments”. In short, strong influences of whatever nature everyone wants to take advantage of. In this case, it is the supporter who pays the price heavily.



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