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Butane gas distributors plan a strike on June 29 and 30

Faced with the continued rise in hydrocarbon prices and the government’s silence, butane and propane gas distributors in Morocco are preparing for a 48-hour strike on June 29 and 30.

The specter of the strike appeared several months ago, when prices at the pump started to climb. But the distributors of butane and propane gas in Morocco have kept their calm with the hope of a strong government reaction or at least a call for dialogue to find solutions. But alas, nothing was done, according to butane gas distributors, which pushed them to escalate.

Thus, butane and propane gas distributors in Morocco plan to stop the distribution of gas cylinders on June 29 and 30, with the possibility of extending the strike in the absence of government interaction, despite numerous official invitations made by the National Syndicate of Gas Distributors and Depositories in Morocco to the Ministry of Energy Transition, Sustainable Development and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the Presidency of the Government.

In Morocco, the last strike of butane gas distributors dates back to the end of 2014, which required the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior through calls initiated with the representative structures of the distributors to suspend the strike followed by a press release issued by the Wilaya of Casablanca, in which she revealed the intervention of officials affiliated with the same ministry.

The professionals raise numerous problems that have led them to resort to strike action, mainly the rise in fuel prices in Morocco, the high cost of spare parts, rubber wheels, the panoply of charges weighing on the distributor in addition to the fact that they have not benefited from the government assistance recently addressed to road transport professionals.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsAhmed Nadif, from the National Union of Gas Distributors and Depositories in Morocco, said that the first reason behind the strike decision is the high price of fuel, affirming the distributors’ attachment to this decision ” in the face of the government’s silence despite calls for dialogue “.

According to the trade unionist going back is an option that is not on the table, and there is even a reflection on an extension of the strike if the government does not propose real solutions to the problems of the sector, in particular those related to the distribution of gas cylinders which is currently free “.

Ultimately, Ahmed Nadif, emphasizes that “ professionals do not ask for the impossible, but only support them and pay for delivery services “, believing” that they provided this service for free, but faced with the alarming increase in fuel prices, this cannot last “.




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