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Business climate considered “normal” by 65% ​​of industrialists in Q4-2021

The general business climate in industry, during the 4th quarter of 2021 (Q4-2021), would have been “normal” according to 65% of companies and “unfavorable” according to 29% of them, indicates Bank Al-Maghrib ( BAM).

This last proportion varies between 24% in “agro-food” and 39% in “textiles and leather” while all electrical and electronics manufacturers indicate a “normal” business climate, it emerges quarterly results of the BAM business survey.

Supply conditions, in Q4-2021, would have been “normal” according to 68% of manufacturers and “difficult” according to 27% of them, the same source said.

By branch, they would have been “normal” according to 87% of “electrical and electronic” companies, 76% of “chemical and parachemical”, 75% of “textile and leather”, 65% of “agro-food and 48% of “mechanics and metallurgy”, specifies BAM.

However, supply conditions are described as “difficult” by 52% of “mechanical and metallurgical” companies, 25% of “textile and leather”, 24% of “chemical and parachemical”, 18% of “agrifood” and 13% of “electrical and electronics”.

Regarding the stock of raw materials and semi-finished products, it would have been at a normal level in all branches of activity.

Concerning the evolution of the workforce employed during the last three months, 56% of industrialists declare a stagnation and 33% a decrease. These proportions are respectively 56% and 36% in “chemistry and parachemistry”, 32% and 54% in “mechanics and metallurgy” and 31% and 69% in “electrical and electronics”.

On the other hand, more than three quarters of companies in the “textile and leather” and “agro-food” sectors indicate a stagnation in the workforce and 15% of them an increase. For the next three months, the majority of manufacturers anticipate stagnation in the number of employees employed.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, unit production costs would have increased according to 59% of manufacturers and stagnated according to 31%. These shares are respectively 81% and 19% in “chemicals and parachemicals”, 71% and 29% in “agro-food”, and 46% and 54% in “textiles and leather”. .

On the other hand, 44% of “mechanical and metallurgy” companies mention a drop in costs and 26% a stagnation. In “electrical and electronics”, almost all business leaders report stagnation in unit production costs compared to the previous quarter.

With regard to the cash position, it would have been considered “normal” by 77% of industrialists and “difficult” by 16% of them, notes Bank Al-Maghrib.

By branch, these proportions are respectively 78% and 18% in “agro-food”, 75% and 19% in “chemicals and parachemicals” and 66% and 34% in “textiles and leather”.

As for “mechanical and metallurgy”, the cash position would have been normal according to 72% of manufacturers and easy according to 21%. On the other hand, it would have been described as “normal” by all of the “electrical and electronic” companies.




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