Bun creping between Haraki women, a democratic debate according to Ouzzine

Bun creping between Haraki women, a democratic debate according to Ouzzine

Some media recently reported this weekend of an intense, even “violent” dispute, exploded during the meeting of the National Women’s Council of the Popular Movement (MP). But behind these invectives hide the passion, the good intentions and the strong desire to move forward, tells us the N1 of the MP.

The National Council of Women of the Popular Movement (MP) held, on Saturday, an ordinary session devoted to the election of the members of the Preparatory Committee of the 5th Congress of the Organization. The meeting turned into chaos after the two rival camps within the MP’s women’s arm each showed up with their own list.

The fight quickly broke out between, on the one hand, the supporters of the outgoing president, Nouzha Bouchareb, and that of the other haraki figure, Hakima El Haité.

But according to the MP’s general secretary, Mohammed Ouzzine, the quarrel is only a small tension that quickly faded and which certainly did not prevent the Haraki women from achieving the main objective of this meeting.

This is a democratic debate that is part of the new dynamic of the party far from the logic of appointments, he assured MoroccoLatestNews.

The activists expressed themselves on questions of an organizational and regulatory nature, certainly sometimes in a very spontaneous way and for good reason, they are carriers of a new project and a new vision and insist on restoring momentum to the foundation of the women“, explained the SG of the MP.

And to add: It’s a catharsis driven by the desire to do things differently. I find it beneficial, especially since the council meeting ended with a consensus on the list of the preparatory commission for the Harakie women’s congress.“.

For the secretary general of the MP, it is a new democratic breath which settles within the MP. ” And that’s a good omen! Now, we must not keep in mind the heated debate but rather the outputs that lay the foundations for a new start. I wish good luck to our activists, hoping that they will open up more to new profiles and reach out to young people to be there with the Haraki alternative project.“, concludes Ouzzine.

In addition, this meeting was intended in particular to call on the Harakies to get involved and actively engage in the preparation and success of the next Congress as an important deadline in the course of the Organization of Harakies Women.


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