Bulgaria celebrates World Africa Day under the auspices of Morocco

Bulgaria celebrates World Africa Day under the auspices of Morocco

World Africa Day was celebrated recently in Sofia under the aegis of the Moroccan Embassy in Bulgaria, in the presence of several senior Bulgarian officials and ambassadors and consuls of African countries, accredited in this country.

This ceremony was presided over by Morocco’s ambassador to Bulgaria, Zakia El Midaoui, in her capacity as dean of the Group of African ambassadors in this country, said a press release from the Kingdom’s embassy in Sofia.

It was marked by the presence in particular of the Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Iliana Yotova, the former European Commissioner for Innovation and Culture, Maria Gabriel, local elected representatives, Bulgarian MEPs , members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Bulgaria, as well as representatives of charities and the African diaspora.

Speaking on this occasion, Mrs. El Midaoui, on behalf of the Group of African Ambassadors, stressed that “World Africa Day (…) is, like all major celebrations, a moment of joy and pride, but also an event to promote solidarity, unity and cooperation among African countries”.

“60 years ago, Africa laid the groundwork for its unity, undermined by colonization, by creating a common organization, the OAU, which became the African Union in 2002. 60 years after this founding act, the Africa has freed itself from the colonial presence and apartheid and has begun its political unity and great economic, social and cultural progress,” she affirmed.

Recalling that “the African continent has considerable economic potential and rich, young and dynamic human capital”, the Moroccan diplomat did not fail to point out that “Africa is also rich in cultural, ethnic and linguistics”.

This is a continent where ancient traditions coexist with modern influences, Ms. El Midaoui continued, adding that “African peoples, who have a rich history dating back thousands of years, have survived and considerable obstacles over the years, while managing to preserve their culture, heritage and heritage”.

“While World Africa Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of African countries and the progress made so far in terms of economic and social development”, this observation “also challenges us to the importance of the challenges such as climate change, poverty, conflict and violence that can only be resolved through cooperation and unity,” she said.

Mrs. El Midaoui also indicated that “Africa, which shows a dynamism that nothing can stop, has extraordinary potential, whether it is the energy of a large youth or the possibilities offered by free trade”.

For her part, the Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Iliana Yotova, underlined “the obligation to get rid of this unhealthy attitude consisting in continuing to see Africa as a continent torn by conflicts and which needs humanitarian aid”.

Africa, she said, “is an opportunity and can bring a lot to all of us. It is a continent made up of several states with diverse, ancient and rich cultures and which has a lot to give to all of us”.

And to add that “the European Union and we, as an integral part of this union, must do everything possible to make these countries our natural partners, to help the development of their young people both in the field of education than in investment, to support the development of the economy as a whole”.

The celebration of World Africa Day in Sofia for the year 2023 was rich in color with a program of varied musical performances and the setting up of a bazaar of handicrafts, local products and dishes reflecting the diversity of African flavors, traditional costumes and handmade accessories, the objective being to make known the African culture in its diversity and its richness in Bulgaria and to contribute to the rapprochement between Africa and the Bulgarian society.

Morocco’s stand, the largest of this event, made it possible to exhibit handicrafts (wood, leather, wax, copper, etc.), agricultural and agro-industrial products (Argan oil and soaps, cosmetics, dates , olives, canned goods, etc.), as well as traditional clothes from the Kingdom (djellabas, jabadors, caftans, etc.) and Moroccan craft jewellery, the proceeds of which have been donated to charities.

This day was also enhanced by a cultural program under which Bulgarian and African artists, as well as members of the African diaspora, took turns on the large stage erected for this occasion.

Moroccan participation in this event was, moreover, highly appreciated and welcomed by all those present and constituted a real opportunity for the Bulgarian public and foreign tourists to get closer and familiarize themselves with certain facets of Moroccan cultural heritage. , says the same source. Bulgarian media of all genres gave this commemoration wide coverage. In this context, Ms. El Midaoui gave interviews to several Bulgarian media in which Morocco was honored with trays in the colors of the Kingdom and a particular emphasis on its ancestral cultural traditions and its place as an international tourist destination of choice. .


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