Brutal public murder’s suspect faces justice for heinous crime, and allegations of similar offenses

Brutal public murder’s suspect faces justice for heinous crime, and allegations of similar offenses

The National Judicial Police Brigade (BNPJ) in Anfa, Casablanca, presented five individuals suspected of being involved in the tragic murder of Badr before the Prosecutor General at the Court of Appeal in Casablanca. 

The suspects are notably charged with formation of a criminal gang, intentional murder, aggravated theft, attempted intentional murder, and complicity.

The five suspected individuals, including the main accused, have been placed in custody awaiting further judicial procedures to confront them with their alleged involvement.

Casablanca’s authorities apprehended the five suspects in the city of Laâyoune, approximately 35 hours after the commission of the criminal act. Their arrest occurred while attempting to leave the country through the same city.

In a shocking incident that rocked public opinion, Badr, fell victim to a brutal hit-and-run by an SUV and a savage assault.

The victim’s father was summoned to the office of the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in Casablanca to confront the killer and other members of the criminal gang involved in the tragic event.

The main suspect, Achraf S., a 21-year-old from a wealthy and well-known family in Casablanca, is believed to be notorious for his excessive aggression and disregard for the law.

He is accused of intentionally running over the victim with his SUV after attacking him with a steel weapon. The incident took place near a famous fast-food restaurant on Ain Diab Corniche, in front of onlookers, where the suspect and his accomplices physically assaulted the victim’s friends and stole their mobile phones.

Surprisingly, it has been revealed that the prime suspect had allegedly been involved in a similar hit-and-run incident in 2018, where two young men lost their lives.

During a court session, a lawyer stated that the primary suspect in Badr’s case was also the main suspect in the incident from 2018, where two individuals lost their lives after being hit by a Porsche Cayenne.

He was never arrested or prosecuted for that crime, raising further concerns about his actions and potential connections.

Both families of the victims have filed an official complaint against the suspect, demanding a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the case and the reasons for the suspect’s lack of arrest and legal accountability.

Achraf S. is now facing serious charges, including intentional premeditated murder, which could carry the death penalty. He allegedly planned and waited for the victim before deliberately running him over with his SUV, repeating the act to end his life. 

Moreover, he is accused of forming a criminal gang, employing aggressive tactics, inciting a vicious dog, removing license plates from the car, and stealing mobile phones from the deceased’s companions.

Calls for the execution of the murderers have grown stronger after a video surfaced, revealing the heinous hit-and-run and brutal assaults on the victim’s friends.

The grieving father of Badr thanked those who shared their sorrow and offered support, expressing confidence in the Moroccan justice system. 

During the visit of an official delegation led by Hussein Azdouk, the President of Hassan II University in Casablanca, to the family’s home, Badr’s mother was presented with her son’s posthumous doctoral degree, amidst an atmosphere filled with grief.

Badr’s sister asserted that their family would not remain silent until justice is served and the culprits are held accountable for depriving her brother of his right to life.

The General Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal in Casablanca is personally overseeing the case and has met with both the victim’s and the suspect’s families, assuring them that justice will be served.

The suspects, including the main suspect Achraf S., are currently in custody, and the Public Prosecutor is conducting further investigations to determine all the circumstances surrounding the case and arrest any other involved individuals.

The motive behind the crime is believed to be related to personal disputes that escalated into a completed criminal act.


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