British media applauds Morocco’s crisis management in wake of devastating earthquake

British media applauds Morocco’s crisis management in wake of devastating earthquake

Morocco’s adept handling of the aftermath of a powerful 7-magnitude earthquake that struck the High Atlas Mountains last Friday has garnered international support. British media, in particular, has played a pivotal role in spotlighting various facets of the disaster response, casting it into the global limelight.

Notably, British media coverage not only highlighted Morocco’s resilience in the face of this calamity, underscoring the fortitude of its mountain-dwelling populace and the unwavering support of non-affected Moroccans but also commended the government’s effective crisis management.

International organizations and governments worldwide rallied to provide substantial humanitarian aid, affirming Morocco’s standing on the global stage.

Senior Guardian international reporter Peter Beaumont, drawing from his extensive reporting experience, lauded Morocco as “a functioning modern state,” contrasting it with Libya, where similar disasters would entail vastly different challenges.

Morocco’s status as a politically stable and functioning nation attracted significant international support and attention, both for the disaster itself and the ensuing relief efforts.

Amid the quake’s destruction, community-led initiatives emerged as a heartening response, capturing British media’s attention. Beaumont, reflecting on the resilience of ordinary Moroccans, emphasized the positive aspect of people coming together in times of crisis.

The outpouring of support from Moroccans and tourists alike has alleviated some of the pain, demonstrating unity and unwavering assistance to earthquake victims during these trying times.

British media outlets have praised the swift mobilization of efforts to raise aid funds and distribute essential supplies, exemplifying the spirit of unity in adversity.

According to The Telegraph, British entrepreneur Vanessa Branson, alongside her son, raised £200,000 in aid within 24 hours, providing vital supplies to those affected in the High Atlas Mountains.

The British media also commended Morocco’s tireless efforts to reopen roads to affected areas and rescue trapped victims, highlighting the country’s commitment to relief operations.

Although the Moroccan government faced criticism for selective acceptance of international aid, with only four official requests approved, the British acknowledged Morocco’s impressive rescue efforts in a challenging situation.

British media emphasized the importance of respecting a nation’s sovereignty during crisis decision-making, aligning with humanitarian principles.

Additionally, the British recognized the need to offer humanitarian assistance without burdening limited resources.

In a considerate gesture, the British media encouraged tourism in Morocco, mindful of its impact on the nation’s economy, particularly in villages around Marrakech that heavily rely on tourism for survival.

As the British media refrained from provocation and conflict, they also discussed tourism’s role in Morocco’s recovery post-earthquake, highlighting its significance in sustaining local economies. They likewise extended an invitation to British tourists to visit Morocco, echoing the sentiment that “Guests are from God,” and emphasizing the nation’s desire for visitors to return, playing a crucial role in helping communities rebuild.


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