Brazil and Morocco ratify legal cooperation agreement after senate approval

Brazil and Morocco ratify legal cooperation agreement after senate approval

The Brazilian Senate’s recent approval of a long-standing legal cooperation agreement with Morocco marks a significant step in the two countries’ collaboration. 

The pact focuses on the mutual recognition and enforcement of court judgments in areas including family, commerce, labor, and legal procedures.

Following scrutiny by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the agreement’s approval is a crucial move toward its enactment. However, final authorization rests with the President of the Republic, as reported by the Agência Senado news agency.

Under the terms outlined by the agency, the agreement ensures that Brazilians living in Morocco can access legal avenues on par with local citizens and legal entities. 

The same holds true for Moroccans residing in Brazil. Citizens from both nations are granted equal access to legal assistance, ensuring their rights mirror those of local citizens. 

The overarching goal is to establish a streamlined process for recognizing and upholding court decisions related to civil, family, commercial, and labor laws.

The agreement had been approved earlier this month by the Foreign Relations Commission after a decade since its initial signing in September 2013. 

It is geared towards benefiting citizens and legal entities of Brazil and Morocco, and addresses vital aspects like access to justice, protection of minors, and marital status.

Senator Fernando Dueire, the rapporteur of the Legislative Decree Project, had underscored the accord’s potential to strengthen interconnectedness between the judiciaries of both nations.

It introduces a mechanism for recognizing and executing judicial rulings, marking it as the first bilateral instrument of legal cooperation between Brazil and Morocco.

Dueire added “For Brazil and Morocco, this agreement not only ensures the efficacy and enforcement of judicial decisions but also serves as a cornerstone for fostering positive diplomatic relations and nurturing collaborations across various sectors in the future.”

This agreement aligns with similar pacts operational with countries including Spain, Italy, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Lebanon.


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