Brahim Saadoune’s father sends a letter to Vladimir Putin

The father of Moroccan student Ibrahim Saadoun, on death row in the separatist city of Donetsk, has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene to pardon his son.

Calling on the Russian president to show compassion and his paternal fiber, the father of the young Moroccan student wrote a letter sent through the Russian embassy in Rabat.

Taher Saadoun, the father, believes that his young son was deceived and victim of manipulation. He claims that Brahim has always loved Russia and that’s what pushed him to learn Russian. Mr. Saadoun further explains that his son wanted to study in Russia but that circumstances prevented him from doing so.

“Mr. President, we yearn for your generosity and your insight, especially since you are the head of the family and you know well the meaning of fatherhood, and you also believe in the Lord of this universe who always pushes to peace, tolerance and forgiveness when one commits a sin”said the father in the letter to Vladimir Putin.

He reminds him that Russia is one of the countries that abolished the death penalty under his presidency and that it was a victory for life. “We hope, Sir, that you will intervene to forgive our son and restore smiles and peace of mind to our Arab family, who see that Ibrahim has plunged into a war with which he has nothing to gain”, he added.

“My Moroccan son, who is 21, moved to Ukraine in 2019 to pursue his studies only and not for anything else”wrote the grieving father, explaining that it is because of his “young age, his lack of experience in life and the poor choice of his distant environment” of his family which made him find himself manipulated.

“He was tricked into entering military service and entering into a contract with the Ukrainian army without our knowledge or consultation,” says the father.

“My family was shocked, especially my wife, who went into an indescribable psychological and physical crisis, and my extended family’s life turned into hell due to the shock of the news, especially coming from a young a man full of gentleness and kindness”added Mr. Saadoune, claiming to trust Vladimir Putin and his decisions.

The father also expressed his concerns about the state of health of his son who “gradually deteriorating”.

“He suffers from frightening weight loss. He suffered from anemia as a child and was treated with difficulty, and it is not excluded that this disease has resumed, in addition to the psychological factor of his fear that he will lose his life by the death penalty”concludes the father of the young student.



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