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Brahim Ghali will resume his post of Secretary General even without supporters

The Polisario is preparing to re-elect Brahim Ghali as Secretary General on January 13. Despite the great internal tensions and the wave of defections because of the actions of the leadership of the Sahrawi separatist militia, the head of the organization left to continue his reign by basing his speech on “a military escalation”.

Polisario activists are to meet for “a 16th general congress” to determine who will be in charge of the militia for the next few years. And if the feverishness of the current leadership is felt, in particular with secret meetings held to organize the new mandate of Brahim Ghali, the separatist leader in a state of faltering health since the covid, is sure to re-enlist after the abandonment of the only candidate who could have obtained the confidence of the separatists, Mustapha Bachir Sayed, because of the absence of a green light from the Algerian authorities.

The news is not likely to please hundreds of members including young people, impatient and unhappy with the situation, which only benefits those close to Brahim Ghali. Unless surprised on January 13, Brahim Ghali will remain in charge by serving a “go to war” speech.

Thus, it is expected that a report of the actions of the separatist group in recent years will be presented to the congress, capitalizing on the breaking of the 1991 ceasefire, decided by the polisario after having invaded in November 2020, the buffer zone of El Guerguerat in southern Morocco, blocking the crossing point for goods destined for Mauritania.

The members of the Polisario leadership should hold a discourse strongly oriented towards promises of war, or at least tensions provoked against Morocco.

“A strategy and an action will be considered which will surely go in the direction of a military escalation”, declared the delegate of the polisario, Abdulah Arabi to the Spanish media Publico.

Not hiding the destabilization plan, the Polisario representative thus estimated that by creating an escalation against Morocco, the Polisario will allow “an increase in instability (…) for the entire North African region”.

“Until the UN intervenes, exercises its role and calls on both parties to negotiate to seek a peaceful solution, we, as the Polisario Front, have no choice but to seek this military escalation on behalf of of the + Sahrawi people +”, he declared, deliberately trying to torpedo reality.

The UN Security Council has been clear in all its recent resolutions about the Sahara issue. He calls on the 4 parties to the conflict (Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Polisario) to resume the process of direct negotiations in the format of round tables.

The UN indeed distinguishes 4 parties to the conflict and the international community as well. Only Algeria (and its proxy, the Polisario) refuses to resume direct negotiations, suspended in 2019 after the resignation of the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General, Horst Kohler.

The Council -as well as the international community- also welcomed and supported the autonomy solution proposed by Morocco in 2007. It is now THE concrete and feasible solution after the invalidation of the referendum proposal which had become obsolete and impossible to practice. because of a disagreement on the people eligible to vote, and the refusal of the Algerian authorities to carry out a census of the Sahrawi populations held in the camps in Algeria.

Thus, the proposal for extended autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty has become the only practical, peaceful, political, realistic solution, based on compromise, which can put an end to the file given that it provides the region with a special status, grants the inhabitants of the Sahara greater autonomy while remaining under Moroccan sovereignty.

This solution even convinced Polisario sympathizers who subsequently defected to the separatist camp because of the lies and manipulations of the militia, judging this solution as courageous on the part of Morocco and that it could really bring peace to the populations. captive Sahrawi women in Algeria and living for several decades in difficult, even inhuman conditions.



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