Bouchaib El Messaoudi’s “Amghar” awarded at the London international filmmaker festival

The documentary film “Amghar” by its Moroccan director Bouchaib El Messaoudi, was awarded the prize for “Best documentary film in a foreign language” at the London international filmmaker festival.

Lasting 61 minutes, explains its director, “Amghar”, produced in 2020, lifts the veil on an aspect of Moroccan cultural heritage, where Amghar (the wise man) plays a character who plays different roles to solve multiple problems and conflicts between residents, especially at the economic and social levels.

He added that the documentary also depicts the daily life of different categories of people, and the philosophy of coexistence between them by appealing to the wisdom of “Amghar”, the honest, just and altruistic man.

As a reminder, Amghar, produced by the company “Creativity for Audiovisual Production”, was also in contention without category during the last edition of the Luxor African Film Festival.


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