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Botola: FAR defeated Hassania of Agadir

The Association Sportive des FAR took 3 points, overthrowing Hassania d’Agadir two goals on Thursday at the Prince Moulay Abdellah sports complex in Rabat, on the occasion of the 25th day of the Botola Pro D1 “Inwi”.

After ending the first half of the match with a draw (0-0), the military ultimately won two goals to one.

At the start of this season, AS FAR won against Agadir for the 10th day (1-2). During the last season, the rbatie formation had won against the gadiri club on the occasion of the 28th day (0-1), while the HUSA had beaten AS FAR on behalf of the 13th day (0 -2).

The opener for Agadir came thanks to an action from Mehri in the 57th minute. The Association Sportive des FAR came back to score in the 73rd minute with a goal by Hamza Moujahid. The Military took over in the 90th + 3 minute with an achievement by Darren Smith.

Following this match, Rabat, 40 points, remains in third place in the standings, while the Gadiris remain in 11th place with 30 points.

For the next day of Botola, the Military will play away against the Olympic of Safi, while the HUSA will play at home against the Maghreb of Fez.




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