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BNRM: The website now operational after the attack by Algerian hackers

While its website was the target of Algerian hackers almost a week ago, the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) seems to be unable to reactivate access to the web page since Friday, December 30 , thus becoming the object of an in-depth investigation.

The BNRM site, which had been inaccessible since last Friday, is now active as of this afternoon thanks to the migration to a new server. It should be noted that the latter was hacked last week by a group of Algerian hackers bearing the name “1962 teams”, who notably announced, through a message posted on the page, that they had hacked ” the server of the Ministry of Agriculture, 6 databases including official documents of the Ministry of the Interior were seized“.

However, the Algerian group affirms that “we are not going to divulge anything, we are just sending a message to Moroccan hackers through the defacing of websites”, and to add when addressing the latter ” stop leaking Algerian data so we can stop too“.

It is indeed a group called “Moroccan black knights” which has tried and succeeded on several occasions to hack many official Algerian sites, such as the site of the Ministry of Health, that of the Ministry of Transport, that of the Mujahideen and the assets right, in addition to the site of the University of Oran or that of the official press agency, APS.

This cyberwar thus led to the opening of an investigation and an in-depth joint research between the General Directorate for Information Systems Security (DGSSI) of the Ministry, attached to the administration of the National Defense of the Kingdom and the National Commission for the Surveillance of the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP), in order to identify, with precision, the source of the attack, before all the necessary legal measures are taken, specified to MoroccoLatestNews a source from the digital department of the BNRM.

The same interlocutor stated that, to ensure the security of information, the department has worked to migrate the site’s services to new, more secure electronic servers. In addition, he indicated that a complete diagnosis is carried out to identify these hackers and their digital addresses from which they had access to the site, in particular their country of origin.

The official assured that this hacking is not so serious since the operation lasted only a few minutes, during which the hackers were able to access the home pages and publish the flag of Algeria, accompanied by the post quoted above. He points out that the digital security of the BNRM’s internal network is good, especially since the department has installed digital firewalls and carries out daily monitoring of attempted attacks and intrusions.



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