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Billionaire Benbrahim appoints Anass Houir Alami as CEO of his oil company

MoroccoLatestNews has learned from an informed source that billionaire Reda Benbrahim, owner of the BGI Petroleum group, has appointed Anass Houir Alami, the former CEO of Caisse de depot et de gestion (CDG), whose name was linked to the Madinat Badis Al scandal. Hoceima, as general manager of his oil group.

BGI Petroleum Group owns several fuel distribution stations in the name of “YOOM”, and this trademark was registered on February 9, 2021, to pave the way for the return to prominence of Anass Houir Alami. His name has been associated with several scandals in which he was involved during his responsibility within the CDG, the financial institution of the State.

Billionaire Reda Benbrahim’s group, known as “Jeans”, is active in the import, distribution and marketing of petroleum products, and the establishment of stations to market various types of fuels, oils and services. It has recently started building these stations in a number of areas surrounding urban centers in Morocco.

The return of Anass Houir Alami to the front of the stage, even through the private sector, raises more than one question, especially since she chose the hydrocarbon sector, which is currently experiencing a significant increase prices due to fluctuations in the international market given the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

MoroccoLatestNews was unable to obtain comment from Anass Houir Alami on his appointment as head of the group, whose head office is located in the neighborhoods of Temara, a suburb of the capital, Rabat.

The BGI Petroluem group, which was created in recent years, has signed an agreement with “Green Energy Park” to install electric charging equipment in its “YOOM” service stations even before it sees the light of day.

It should be noted that billionaire Reda Benbrahim owns the “BG Investment” group, active in the industrial sector, construction, real estate, agriculture and public works.




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