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Between Portugal and Algerian gas a whole pipeline of blackmail

About ten days ago, the fourteenth session of the high-level meeting between Morocco and Portugal highlighted the partnership between Morocco and Portugal and ended with the signing of several bilateral agreements in many areas.

THE government of Portugal chaired by the Prime Minister and SG of the Socialist Party, Antonio Luis Santos da Costa, reiterated its support for the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara. This week, Portugal welcomes the Algerian president who has lost Iberian support, Spanish this one, for the thesis that Algiers has been sponsoring since the 1970s.

The Muppets show made in Algeria had suddenly garnered a bitter, historical, geographical and above all diplomatic failure. One more. Algiers, or rather its senile regime as usual, when it comes to countering Morocco, puts all its effort into it by investing even its “petrodollars”, and this to the detriment of its people, if necessary, just to serve any positions that may be hostile to the interests of the Kingdom.

Also, after the visit of the Head of the Moroccan government to Lisbon, the Algerian president is preparing for a “working” visit to Portugal. But in this little game, the separatist movement has already preceded it by mobilizing to convince some undecided members of the Socialist Party, in power in Lisbon, to join a lost cause. At the beginning of the week, it is the turn of his sponsor, the puppet of the senile regime of Algiers, who through his visit to Lusitanian land wants to bring Portugal to take effect and cause for his cherub. To solicit this expression once more is truly a lost cause.

But the mission does not look the easiest for the man, even accompanied by a large delegation of “government officials and businessmen” to convince a Portugal rather attached to its values ​​as well as those European and UN . It is rumored that for Algeria, this “working” visit is intended to seek new European markets as an alternative to the Spanish market.

In this context and moment which raises a whole set of questions, one can easily speculate on the concessions and other economic privileges that the senile regime of Al Mouradia will present on the negotiating table. Also one cannot help but see in it above all the energy concessions to which Algiers should consent in order to obtain a position favorable to the separatist thesis being promoted.

Unfortunately for Algerian diplomacy, which relies only on the gas needs of Europeans, it ultimately turns out to be an invasive diplomacy. It does not depend on any other element that can weigh in its relations with these countries, but rather on the world economic situation, and in the long term it is a bad policy, because Algeria has nothing to offer the world. other than his energy. And like the Gulf countries, it has never been able to diversify its economy, persisting in “everything from nothing” rather than “a bit of everything”.

The mission of the last of the “Mohicans” of Algiers is therefore difficult, and the pilgrim’s staff of the badly elected president could well prove to be very useless or even very soft and without stiffness in his “alleged crusade towards Fatima”. The unfortunate will have a hard time convincing the Portuguese government. During the last meeting with Moroccan officials, the latter had expressed his support for the UN solution and therefore for the conformity of Security Council resolutions.

They aimed at the settlement of this dispute, entirely fabricated by Algiers, on the Moroccan Sahara, according to the Moroccan autonomy plan, as the most realistic and lasting solution. Algiers can brandish its gas card at will, blackmail is not part of Fado in Portugal.



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