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Berlin confirms in writing its support for Morocco

In the Bundestag, Sevim Dagdelen, a substitute deputy for the incumbent Michael Georg in this case, both of the party Die Linke, or “The Left” in French, openly questioned the German government on Germany’s position on the Moroccan Sahara. .

Well, the German executive kindly sent this German politician, of Turkish origin and no less president of the foreign affairs committee of the pro-polisario Bundestag moreover, to her tender political lessons by confirming her support for the autonomy presented in 2007 by Rabat.

Germany ignores international law, it’s hypocrisy “, got carried away one of the Érinyes by consulting the answers of the government. Deadpan Berlin had replied: “ We continue to support all UN efforts to achieve a just, viable, lasting and mutually acceptable solution.”.

Indeed, in a fifteen page documentpublished in mid-November, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany had clearly clarified its positions on the subject after questions from the MP.

Responses that confirm the recent German reversal in favor of Morocco. ” It is a decisive step on a path which no longer considers, on the basis of all the resolutions of the United Nations, the possibility of independence “, deciphers, on Deutsche Welle (DW), Werner Ruf, professor of international relations and retired from the University of Kassel in Germany.

DW, which has been broadcasting regularly since 1953, is Germany’s international broadcast service for shortwave, internet and satellite radio. It broadcasts in thirty languages ​​as well as television programs in four languages.

The German government considers autonomy to be a good way”. Berlin’s response is clever. Thus, German diplomacy does not formally recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, as Donald Trump did, for example, but it displays rather clear support for Rabat and carefully avoids angering the Kingdom, knowing that King Mohammed VI was saying in his speech on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People that the Sahara issue is ” the prism through which Morocco views its international environment “.

The Sovereign sent a message that could not be clearer to everyone, leaving the yardstick of the partnership he wanted to establish up to everyone’s own conscience. ” With regard to certain countries that are among our partners, traditional or new, whose positions on the Sahara issue are ambiguous, we expect them to clarify and review the substance of their position, in a way that does not lead to any equivocal “, had said the Sovereign. A message that Germany had heard and sided with the correctness of the Moroccan cause.

According to DW, it is a shift from a neutral position of the German government in the file towards that of support for the Kingdom of Morocco, which has been in place for almost a year, with the arrival of the Minister of Ecologist Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock. She also went to Rabat on an official visit last August. “It is in the interests of both parties to sustain and deepen the historically good and close bilateral relations“, writes the German diplomacy today in the report.

This position can be explained by various reasons. First there are energy issues. Germany is looking for alternatives to Russian gas and is already investing tens of millions of euros in hydrogen in Morocco. ” There is also the question of phosphates, which are becoming increasingly important given the world’s food crisis.“, adds Werner Ruf, noting that“There is above all also fishing, because the territorial waters of the Sahara are among the richest in the world and it is a huge business”.

Rabat also has an essential role to play in controlling immigration (Germany is the third country for immigration) at the gates of Europe, and the Kingdom is considered to be a reliable partner in this area.



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