Bensaïd visits the filming site of “Gladiator 2” and meets Ridley Scott

Bensaïd visits the filming site of “Gladiator 2” and meets Ridley Scott

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed El Mehdi Bensaïd, visited this Wednesday, June 14, the filming site of the film “Gladiator 2” in Ouarzazate. This visit comes a few days after the accident which occurred during a scene of fire and pyrotechnic cascade, and which left 6 injured.

Bensaïd, on this occasion, met the British director and producer Ridley Scott and his team. He took the opportunity to affirm that Ouarzazate and Morocco are international film destinations, offering great opportunities to shoot the biggest international film productions.

This visit is also part of the support for the city and the encouragement of international film productions in Morocco, the latter having significant economic benefits for the inhabitants of the region, in addition to the creation of a large number of direct and indirect jobs.

The ministry will continue to accompany and support such productions, and will contribute to cinematographic and cultural projects, underlined the minister, assuring that an incident such as that of the beginning of the week will in no way affect the cinematographic destination, Ouarzazate, which will continue to enjoy its international fame and will remain a destination of choice for world stars for their shoots.


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