Bensaid for a better promotion of Moroccan culture internationally

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid said Monday in Rabat that his department will work to further enhance Moroccan culture by exporting it around the world, in collaboration with national institutions competent authorities, including the National Museum Foundation (FNM).

“What has been accomplished by the FNM is extraordinary (..) it is now a question of supporting it to continue to promote and export more Moroccan culture”, in its museum variation among others, declared Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid at the press on the sidelines of a visit he made to the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

This was the case recently in France, he underlined, adding that there is talk of doing it elsewhere, “especially since thanks to the Foundation and thanks to the support of King Mohammed VI, we have today ‘hui museums which can compete with their peers all over the world and this is already a victory for the culture and for the history of Morocco ”.

The idea, he explained, is to put in place a common strategy to pool efforts and optimize the achievements made in this area in order to give culture the place it deserves in Morocco first and foremost. as the positioning that suits it internationally.

In bad times, such as that of the pandemic, then observed the minister, culture has a role to play and the fact that there are today museums in Morocco and therefore in Africa allows some others a stop of fulfillment vis-a-vis the troubles of the daily newspaper.

For his part, the president of the FNM, Mehdi Qotbi, told the press that this museum institution will work hand in hand with the Ministry of Culture to promote the cultural influence of Morocco, starting from “our common concern to serve one cause, our country ”.

Culture is a means of communication in all circumstances and, in these pandemic times, Morocco has been “cited as an example” around the world after leaving museums open in full and strict compliance with preventive measures and various health requirements. .

He also recalled that France has chosen Morocco, through the Foundation, to join forces, share the national experience and make known the way in which Morocco has protected its heritage. “So this is what we are going to share with our African friends and brothers,” he said, referring to the grant agreement between the FNM and the French Development Agency (AFD), intended for finance a pan-African training program for museum and heritage professions in Africa.

We “will never pay enough homage to HM the King who gave culture the place it occupies today in Morocco”, concluded Mehdi Qotbi.



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