Bensaid encourages young people to have a positive impact on their environment

Bensaid encourages young people to have a positive impact on their environment

The national volunteer program, called “Moutatawi3”, allows young people to have “a positive impact on their environment in economic, cultural, environmental, social and political terms”, said Monday in Rabat, the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

“Through the ‘Moutatawi3’ Program, we want to build and make the Moroccan dream possible”, underlined Mr. Bensaid who was speaking at the launch of the program, specifying that the development of young people’s skills is one of the main objectives of the programs carried out by the ministry as well as by other departments.

Designed to facilitate the transition of young people to adulthood by making them aware of their rights and duties, “Moutatawi3” (volunteer) now has nearly 3,300 registered nationally, he said, adding that the objective is to reach 5,000 registered next year. “Morocco’s success depends on your success,” the minister said while emphasizing the need to “stay attached to one’s dreams, ideas and projects and not be discouraged after failure”.

“The three weeks that you will spend with our partners and the ministry will broaden your horizons and allow you to understand that nothing is impossible,” Bensaid said, addressing the young beneficiaries of the program, noting that through their will and determination, these young people can bring about a change in mentalities within society.

During a press conference following the launch of the “Moutatawi3” program, the Minister explained that this initiative aims to help young people between the ages of 18 and 22 to develop their creativity and support them to “achieve their dreams and projects and stay hooked on them despite failure and obstacles”.

Available in two stages, the “Moutatawi3” program offers a week of specialized training in the field chosen by the participants and two weeks of volunteering in order to strengthen their civic participation and develop their knowledge and skills through a diversified and integrated experience.


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