Bensaïd brandishes the threat of the “black list” for non-compliance with standards

Bensaïd brandishes the threat of the “black list” for non-compliance with standards

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mehdi Bensaïd, brandished the threat of the “black list” against associations that do not respect the standards for organizing summer camps for children and young people.

“Each year, we notice that there are some who play with the future of these children, so it was decided to work on the principle of the + black list + which will be officially announced, to allow partners to know with who they can deal with,” indicated the minister during the session of oral questions, Tuesday in the House of Councillors.

Some 70% of the program targeting youth and children will be unified, with the remaining 30% left to the discretion of the associations as leeway to run their own programme, he added.

And to specify that the novelty of this year is that the program of the camps has taken into account the remarks mentioned by all, and which are essentially related to the educational aspect and the services offered to children and young people.

Bensaïd also indicated that several study days have been organized with partners in the field in order to draw up specifications that meet the demands of children and young people today, while new activities related in the field of new modern technologies have been proposed, in addition to the offers provided in youth centers, with the involvement of intellectuals, artists, sportsmen and actors from the entrepreneurial sector.

Regarding the aspect related to food in summer camps, the minister announced a certain evolution. “We were able to win this challenge, because we had already gone through the allocation of 30 to 50 dirhams for each meal, an amount which will be increased this year to 60 dirhams”, he explained, noting that this increase is justified in particular by the rise in prices”.

Bensaïd also announced that six new centers will be opened this year in Stihat, El Jebha, Sidi Kacem, Bouznika, Essaouira and Aglou in Tiznit.


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