Benkirane says PJD made a mistake signing normalization agreement with Israel

Benkirane says PJD made a mistake signing normalization agreement with Israel

Abdelilah Benkirane, Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) said on Sunday, during a speech festival held in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Rabat that his party made a mistake in signing the Israel-Morocco normalization agreement in December 2020.

Under the banner of “We all stand with Gaza: Stop the aggression, lift the siege,” Benkirane clarified during the festival that even if PJD “made a mistake of signing the agreement, we admit it, but we have never been in favor of normalization.”

He affirmed that “this is an isolated incident that history will resolve.”

Benkirane underscored that “the state has some coercions, and we won’t interfere,” adding that the king “expects nothing but our support.”

The General Secretary, in rhetorical questions, further said “how can we expect goodness from those who kill children, women, the sick, and premature?”

Benkirane strongly defended Hamas’ resistance strategy, emphasizing that the Palestinian people must unite and recognize that resistance is the only way to achieve their goals.

He considered what Hamas had done “brought life back to the nations and political parties in the region because they wanted us to remain silent and not speak about our rights.”

“Arab regimes don’t like Hamas, and we don’t need confrontation between organizations and regimes, but Hamas is the spearhead of the Arab and Islamic peoples,” further highlighted the Secretary General of PJD.

He added that Israel’s ambitions extend to Mecca and the Maghreb region, underscoring “Arab rulers should think about protecting their regimes and not wait until we are bombarded. Lessons should be learned from Hamas.”

Benkirane criticized those who show sympathy towards Israel in Morocco or oppose Palestinian resistance.

He reminded that the late King Hassan II “used to impose taxes on cinema and smoking to send the revenues to Palestine,” adding “today we find those trying to change our belief and there are those who say “we are all Israelis.”

The PDJ Secretary-General emphasized that Moroccans have always been distinct and have been warned against abandoning their distinct qualities, ethics, and values.


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