Belgian-Moroccan directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fellah at the helm of the film Batgirl

After having directed the third part of the famous “Bad Boys” saga, Adil El Arbi and Bilall El Fellah will pilot a new major project. Belgian-Moroccan directors will be at the helm of the film Batgirl.

Warner Bros brought in Moroccan duo Bilall Fellah and Adil El Arbi to direct Batgirl. According to The Hollywood Reporter , producer Kristin Burr, whose blockbuster “Cruella” will soon hit theaters, is delighted with this collaboration.

“With Batgirl, we want to show viewers a fun new side of Gotham,” Burr says. “Adil and Bilall radiate a joyful and contagious energy. This makes them the ideal directors for this project ”, she added.

This time, DC Comics created the character “Batgirl” to make Gotham City dangerous. It is the daughter of the leader of Gotham, Barbra Gordon, who assumes the alter ego of “Batgirl” in the new film. This character last appeared on the big screen in 1997, in the movie Batman & Robin.

El Arbi and Fallah are currently working on another project: the feature film “Rebel”, set in Molenbeek.

The duo revived the ‘Bad Boys’ franchise with last year’s film ‘Bad Boys for Life’, which starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence respectively as detectives Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett.

Adil and Bilall became known with the film “Black”, which deals with urban groups, released only on video on demand in France in 2016. They received the Discovery Award in Toronto the same year. In 2017, they were named among the 10 “directors to watch” by the American magazine “Variety”.

In early 2018, they produced “Paster”, a story about four friends, petty drug traffickers who dream of becoming the future sponsors of organized crime. But things get complicated when they steal a big load of cocaine. The two friends also direct “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, with Eddie Murphy.



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