BDS Morocco counts on Atlas Lionesses to end FRMF’s contract with Puma

BDS Morocco counts on Atlas Lionesses to end FRMF’s contract with Puma

BDS Morocco (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) counts on the Moroccan Women’s National Football Team to put pressure on the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) to end its partnership with Puma, as part of the boycott campaign targeting international brands supporting Israel’s aggression against Palestinians.

“At BDS Morocco, we rely on you, Atlas Lionesses, to take your solidarity to the next level and support us in pressuring the Royal Moroccan Football Federation to terminate its contract with Puma, a company complicit in the war crimes currently committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people,” said the organization in a recent call.

BDS Morocco highlighted that Puma holds the exclusive sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association, and has contractual agreements with an Israeli distributor who operates a store in the occupied territories.

“We emphasize the influential role you, as professional athletes, can play in creating a strong impact and being a voice for change and justice,” highlighted the organization in a call to Atlas Lionesses.

The local branch of the Palestinian-led movement BDS said that they repeatedly urged the FRMF to end its partnership with Puma and distance itself from burnishing Puma’s complicity.

In another call published today by BDS Morocco, the organization directly appealed to the President of the (FRMF), Fouzi Lekjaa, to halt partnering with Puma and put an end to sports normalization.

BDS Morocco condemns the continued disregard of the appeals made by groups committed to boycotting Israel and opposing any form of normalization with them, according to the recent call.

“Ignoring this demand will create an unprecedented divide between the proud Moroccan fans, who celebrate the achievements of their national team, and their national jersey, which no longer aligns with their principles,” said BDS Morocco.

The organization previously commended the Moroccan women’s national team for demonstrating solidarity with Palestine by raising its flag after their match against Namibia on October 31 at the Moulay Hassan sports complex in Rabat.

“This solidarity not only reflects a high sense of sportsmanship but also a perfect alignment with the Moroccan population who have been marching the streets all over the country in support of Palestine, rejecting all forms of normalization,” as highlighted in the call.

The boycott campaign against companies and products alleged to support Israel’s aggression against Palestinians is sweeping across the world.

People around the globe believe that this is an effective way to put pressure on companies that publicly support Israel’s crimes.

McDonald’s, Carrefour, Caterpillar, and all those multinationals that provide good and logistical support to the Israeli army for their war crimes against the Palestinian people are included in the boycott list.

The companies that are actively operating in the Palestinian-occupied territories and produce their good in the illegal settlements, such as Puma, are also part of the boycott campaign.

“We must use peaceful means, such as boycott, divestment, and sanctions, to put pressure on those who allow such grave crimes of war and injustices,” previously said BDS representative to MoroccoLatestNews.


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