Battery of measures at the service of Moroccan pilgrims

Battery of measures at the service of Moroccan pilgrims

Among the peak periods experienced by the Kingdom’s airports, the so-called “Hajj operation” is undoubtedly one of the strongest moments. Also, since last Friday the date of the first flight leaving for the holy places in Saudi Arabia, the airports concerned have been mobilized, not to say on the alert to allow the 34,000 pilgrims to carry out their trip in the best possible conditions.

Apart from regular flights to Saudi Arabia, approximately 86 flights will be dedicated to the Hajj operation. The airports concerned are, Casablanca Mohammed V (37 flights), Rabat Salé (19), Agadir Al Massira (7 flights), Fès Saiss (7), Marrakech Menara (6), Oujda Angads (6 flights) and Tanger Ibn Batouta ( 4).

To do this, theONDA has set up an important system procedure relating to the treatment of pilgrims. It aims at the facilitation and special assistance to be granted to this category of travellers, at the airports concerned in the Kingdom. The desired goal of the Office and its partners being to ensure the fluidity of the passage of pilgrims and the provision to them of the best possible services.

Also, we proceeded to the deployment of a series of measures, such as the reinforcement of the teams “passenger assistants” in charge of the reception of the pilgrims, at the level of the airports, easily recognizable by their uniform. Their mission: To assist, guide, inform and help pilgrims identify the various services offered to them.

These teams are also made aware of and trained in the special assistance to be given to vulnerable people (People with specific needs, the elderly or sick, etc.) for this purpose, moreover, an intensified presence of medical personnel and reinforcement of the means of the medical antenna. and health control at the borders has been planned. At the counters, care will be taken to reduce waiting times and border formalities, to reinforce the security of baggage processing through remote surveillance and control brigades.

ONDA, which does not do things by halves, will devote the systematic dissemination of information on flights (television, sound announcements, etc.) but not only since on its official accounts on social networks, ONDA will broadcast an audiovisual capsule of information and awareness to explain and show our pilgrims the different stages of the journey, the circuit at the airport and the steps to be taken, from their homes to boarding the plane that will take them to the holy places.

Appropriate and simplified signage for better understanding and quick orientation both outside and inside airports has been put in place. Appropriate and simplified signage for better understanding and quick orientation both outside and inside airports.

For departures from Casablanca Mohammed V airport, ONDA has assigned terminal 3 (T3) of Mohammed V airport to the processing of flights dedicated to Hajj and has converted it into a space combining comfort and amenities. These, 37 in number, are divided between three companies, Royal Air Maroc (23 flights), Flânas, a Saudi airline based in Riyadh (11) and Saudia Arabian Airlines (3).

The Hajj operation stands out this year at Casablanca airport by the initiative called “Tarik Makka”. Initiated by the Saudi Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the Moroccan authorities, “Tarik Makka” is deployed at T3 of this airport for flights dedicated to Hajj. The initiative is distinguished by the presence of the Saudi authorities at T3 so that pilgrims complete the formalities for accessing Saudi territory before taking the plane to the Holy Places.

Direct transport of luggage by the Saudi authorities to the places of accommodation of the pilgrims in the holy places. Orientation of passengers upon arrival at Jeddah or Medina airport to dedicated buses for transport to hotels.

Through this initiative, waiting times on arrival are significantly reduced and pilgrims have a pleasant and relaxed travel experience. The “Return” phase, for its part, will take place from July 3 to 22.


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