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Baraka highlights the remarkable contribution of MREs to the national economy

The Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party, Nizar Baraka, underlined the important role played by Moroccans residing abroad in the country’s development and their remarkable contribution to the national economy, in particular through their remittances. which reached a record level during the difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the 11th ordinary session of the party’s central committee, held on Saturday under the theme “the Moroccan diaspora and its role in the implementation of the new development model”, Mr. Baraka hailed the momentum of patriotic solidarity demonstrated by Moroccans around the world and their valuable contribution to the revival of the national economy.

The Istiqlal party pays particular attention to the concerns of the Moroccan diaspora, hence the creation of party sections in several countries around the world to take note of the major issues of interest to Moroccans around the world, at their head those related to Moroccan identity, investment in Morocco and the promotion of their rights.

Addressing the party’s proposals presented to the Special Commission on the development model concerning the Moroccans of the world, Nizar Baraka said he was proud of these proposals retained in the report of the commission which recommends to fully integrate the Moroccans of the world into the development process.

He also insisted on the need to strengthen the Moroccan cultural identity in this community, in accordance with the provisions of the 2011 Constitution, and to ensure a more inclusive representation of the Moroccan diaspora.

The meeting was also an opportunity to raise several current national issues related to the economic and social situation, the means of protecting the purchasing power of citizens, and the measures taken by the government to this effect.

The work of the 11th ordinary session of the central committee of the party was marked by the presentation of a political report by the general secretary of the party and another report prepared by the committee of Moroccans residing abroad, emanating from the Central Committee of the Party on the subject.




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