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Baraka argues for strengthening the water efficiency dimension

The Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party (PI), Nizar Baraka, pleaded on Friday in Marrakech in favor of strengthening the dimension relating to “water efficiency”.

Water efficiency involves, among other things, modernizing and strengthening the water supply network, protecting the groundwater table from overexploitation, reducing the excessive use of water resources in certain economic sectors and raising awareness among citizens. to changes in daily practices of water consumption, he noted during a study day, organized by the Istiqlalian group of Unity and egalitarianism in Parliament under the theme “Water policy in Morocco “.

After analyzing the close correlation between water security and food security and energy security, the first leader of the Libra party emphasized the need for the adoption of a comprehensive approach to integrated water management to be able to face the challenges resulting from climate change.

In this context, Nizar Baraka insisted on the need to strengthen the Kingdom’s water security in a context marked by climate change, highlighting the achievements made by Morocco under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, in the field the mobilization of all water resources for the achievement of development.

For his part, the president of the Istiqlalien group of Unity and Egalitarianism in Parliament, MNourdin Moudian, pointed out that this meeting is being held at a time when Morocco is going through a relatively “uncomfortable” situation due to drought and the scarcity of water resources, which requires the establishment of a strategy for the medium and long term in the field of water resources management.

The implementation of such a strategy requires the association of all the actors and stakeholders concerned, he explained, welcoming the mobilization of the government on High Royal Instructions for the management of this difficult situation, marked by the scarcity of water resources due to delayed rains.

This study day was also marked by a presentation given by the Secretary General of the Hydraulic Basin Agency of Tensift (ABHT), Mohamed Chatoui, on the missions of the Moroccan hydraulic basin agencies.

This meeting, which was attended by members of the Istiqlalien group for Unity and Egalitarianism in Parliament, party activists from all regions of Morocco as well as experts in this field, aimed to open a deep debate and a constructive dialogue concerning the constraints and difficulties posed by the scarcity of water resources and the measures taken to overcome this difficult situation.

As part of the parallel activities of the party, this study day also aimed to open up to the socio-economic environment, interact with the concerns of citizens and share solutions likely to overcome this situation that Morocco is going through. due to the scarcity of water resources.




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