Bar exam results sparks controversy, candidates call for transparency

Bar exam results sparks controversy, candidates call for transparency

The recent release of the written bar exam results on July 9, 2023, has sparked a wave of criticism and prompted the National Coordinating Committee for Bar Exam Candidates and the National Committee for Victims of the Bar Exam to call for increased transparency and responsibility within the examination process.

In a joint press release, the two committees strongly criticized what they see as a deeply flawed and unjust exam system.

Allegations of irregularities and a lack of transparency have tarnished the credibility of the exam process, prompting calls for a thorough review.

The committees raised concerns over rushed and arbitrary actions taken by the Ministry of Justice during the exam, citing a lack of due diligence and disregard for established protocols.

The committees also expressed serious reservations about potential deviations from the prescribed curriculum and established regulations, which have cast doubts on the fairness and integrity of the exam content.

A significant accusation made in the press release is the claim that blatant cheating was tolerated during the exam. 

The committees contended that the Ministry’s failure to prevent and address cheating instances resulted in an abrupt and unexpected release of exam results, further undermining the process’s credibility.

The committees have raised alarm over what they perceive as a dismissal of their legitimate demands. They  highlighted specific concerns over the contentious scoring system of +1 for correct and -1 for incorrect answers. 

They also expressed discontent over the lack of transparency regarding the approved correction model and the absence of an electronic platform for accessing exam papers. 

The manner in which the Ministry handled the exam results has also come under scrutiny. The press release alleges that more than 2600 candidates were declared successful without disclosing the criteria for success, leading to suspicions of favoritism and nepotism.

The press release pointed out alleged non-compliance with recommendations aimed at ensuring transparency during the examination process. 

The committees expressed disappointment over the failure to implement safeguards to prevent manipulations and irregularities in the exam results.

They emphasized the urgent need for enhanced accountability, transparency, and fairness within the law exam process. 


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