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Bank Al-Maghrib publishes three research papers

Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) announced on Wednesday the publication of three new research papers on its Internet portal under the heading “publications and research”.

According to a press release from the Central Bank, these are documents “Corporate tax and investment: what link in Morocco?” “, Produced by Omar Chafik and Aya Achour and” Analysis of the vulnerability of the Moroccan productive fabric “, developed by the late Sara Benazzi, Hicham Bennouna and Tomasz Chmielewski, indicates in.

The 3rd document entitled “Real and Financial Cycles in Morocco: An Analysis by the Wavelets” is produced by Yassine Slaoui.

These publications, underlines BAM, are an opportunity to share the results of the work carried out by researchers from Bank Al-Maghrib and their partners with the scientific community and the general public.

BAM notes that the distribution of these documents will make it possible to participate in the debate on economic and financial questions and to strengthen links with academia and research.




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