Bandit diesel again this Saturday from 60 cents

Four days after the rise in prices at the pump observed on Wednesday June 29, Moroccans are waking up this Saturday July 2 to a new surge in fuel prices.

Indeed, the price of diesel rose by 60 cents this Saturday from 15.97 dirhams per liter to 16.57 dirhams, while the price of gasoline has still not changed, but is close to the 18 Dhs mark. .

This increase thus confirms the forecasts of analysts who said that the rise in prices at the pump will continue until they reach 20 Dhs per litre. This Saturday is the fifth increase in the space of a month.

If in Europe, countries like Germany have the oil giants in their sights, which they suspect of taking advantage of the rise in prices and the reduction in taxes to fill their pockets, we continue for our part to try to convince themselves that the economic recovery and the war in Ukraine are the main reasons behind this increase in prices at the pump and that the profit margin of companies has not changed for decades, when everything shows the opposite.



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