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BAM publishes list of 22 free banking services

Not all banking services are chargeable. To know them all (and possibly benefit from them), Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) has published a list of 22 banking services offered free of charge by banks to their customers.

It is a question, according to the BAM document, of the opening of an account, the issuance of a checkbook, the issuance of the savings book, the domiciliation of salary, the issuance of a certificate of bank identity statement, the cash payment. (excluding payment of the amount of the tax stamp), cash withdrawal on presentation of a savings book at the domiciliary counter and cash withdrawal on presentation of a savings book at the domiciliary counter.

These services also include withdrawals from the bank’s automatic teller machines of the institution holding the account, issuing transfers from account to account, between individuals, within the same bank, receiving national transfers, receiving stakes. available nationally within the same bank, the establishment and sending of the account statement to the customer, the consultation and edition of the balance and the history of the account through the automatic teller machine and / or internet, excluding fees subscription to these distribution channels, changing the identification details of the account holder and closing the account.

These services, specifies the Central Bank, were instituted by virtue of the Wali of BAM directive n ° “1 / G / 2010” of May 3, 2010 relating to the minimum banking services to be offered by banks to their customers free of charge. .

Free banking services also concern access to Direct Banking for consultation for private customers, recalculation of the confidential code of the bank card, opposition for loss or theft of the bank card, replacement of the defective card not yet used. by the holder, the rejection of the check for reasons of defect in form and the Opposition for loss or theft of the check.

These services were set up in 2016 on a consensual basis, under the leadership of BAM, between members of the Professional Group of Banks of Morocco (GPBM).




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