Baitas reports on an ongoing study concerning VTCs

Baitas reports on an ongoing study concerning VTCs

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics is carrying out a study on the applications of VTC (tourist car with driver) in order to regularize this new activity, government spokesman Mustapha Baitas said on Thursday.

Responding to questions from journalists during the press briefing following the meeting of the Council of Government, Mustapha Baitas stressed that the transport sector, in particular the new VTC applications, must be equipped with certain essential elements relating in particular to transparency and competition.

The ongoing study under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, said the government spokesperson, aims to examine all aspects and perspectives in order to define the framework and regulation of these new transport applications.

As a reminder, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, had indicated in June 2022 that his department plans to carry out a study which will include the regularization of these applications so as to increase the competitiveness of professionals in the sector, but above all to ensure the safety of citizens and improve the quality of transport.

This study aims to familiarize taxi drivers with new technology, in order to integrate digital transformation in the taxi sector to ensure honest competition between professionals.“, he had assured.

Indeed, these VTC applications have been evolving for some time in an undefined legal framework. For taxi drivers, this represents unfair or even illegal competition, and raises concerns about customer safety, which explains the ongoing protests against VTCs.

On the other hand, these transport applications have created many job opportunities for professionals and young unemployed graduates. They make it possible to generate significant income for a large number of citizens, and constitute a practical solution for transport users, hence the need to regulate them.


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