Baitas addresses educational reform, investment fund, and health insurance changes

Baitas addresses educational reform, investment fund, and health insurance changes

During today’s press conference, Government spokesperson Mustapha Baitas presented the government’s latest decisions, including significant changes in medical insurance systems for workers, sectoral professionals, entrepreneurs, and workers in liberal professions.

These changes will follow new criteria based on legislative predetermined requirements.

The government council discussed several law drafts and international partnerships.

Regarding the “basic system” for professors, Baitas stated that “the Ministry and the unions participated in a responsible dialogue in order to resolve the long-delayed issue,” adding that “this project, which will lay the solid foundations for reforming the educational system, will be announced in the coming weeks.”

The Minister assured that the government is constantly aiming to improve the education system.

Regarding investment, Baitas pointed out that one of the issues in Morocco is that there is a heavy presence of investments in certain areas and an absolute lack in others.

He affirmed that the government is increasing investments in neglected regions to provide Moroccans with more job opportunities.

In order to ease access to quality education, Baitas hopes that the new educational system improvements will better the quality of education in Morocco and facilitate students’ transfers from one school to another.

On the rise in gas prices, Baitas said that it is a priority to raise the purchasing power of Moroccan citizens in light of the persistent inflation, despite the slow economic revival the world is witnessing.

On the choice of Interconnecting Sebou and Bouregreg, the Minister explained that Sebou as a region was picked for being very water-sufficient, hence the royal project will help get back lost quantities of water and aims to achieve a daily volume of one million cubic meters or an annual volume of 360 million cubic meters.


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