Bahrain welcomes Morocco’s diplomatic efforts

Bahrain welcomes Morocco’s diplomatic efforts

The Kingdom of Bahrain welcomed, on Wednesday, the diplomatic efforts of the Kingdom of Morocco aimed at reaching important consensus between the members of the “6+6” Joint Commission, charged by the Libyan House of Representatives and Council of State. .

This commission is in charge of drafting the laws that will frame the next general elections in Libya (presidential and legislative) scheduled for the end of the year, an agreement was announced between its members, after two weeks of meetings in Bouznika in Morocco.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Bahraini Foreign Ministry expressed the wish that the Libyan parties manage to officially sign, and as soon as possible, the electoral laws, as an important step towards the end of the crisis and the creation of a democratic atmosphere for the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections in a way that meets the aspirations of the brotherly Libyan people, security, peace, stability, development, preservation of sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and the cessation of interference in the internal affairs of Libya.

The Bouznika meeting is an extension of a series of meetings hosted by Morocco, which brought together the various Libyan parties and aimed to deepen discussions on the way to resolving the crisis in this country and this, according to an approach based on the establishment of a space for dialogue and constructive consultation.


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