Bac 2022: “Leak” of the physics test, the reaction of the MEN

The baccalaureate exams for the 2022 ordinary session started this Monday, June 20 in Morocco in a rather normal and serene atmosphere. That said, the physics test of the national scientific and technical baccalaureate exam was widely shared on social networks.

Following this ” incident “the Ministry of National Education, Preliminary Education and Sports quickly reacted by stating that it is not a ” leak “ since that ” did not happen before the candidates entered the examination centers and halls”.

“In practice, there cannot be a police officer for each student to monitor all the candidates who have brought with them a few sophisticated electronic devices and advanced equipment. This is what caused this case, which remains isolated all the same ”the ministry said.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsa responsible source in Chakib Benmoussa’s department indicated that the ministry is closely following the evolution of this file, through ” a monitoring and follow-up cell at the central level, as well as at the regional level in order to track down the moderators of the Facebook pages who publish the exams or their answers “.

The case won’t go without consequences, because it’s starting to look like mafias haggling over the efforts of a whole year of hard work.“added the source.

And to reaffirm the Ministry’s attachment to the “ principle of equal opportunities for all candidates “, providing educational support and review sessions before exams, while advocating and encouraging the “ culture of merit and excellence “.

Similarly, the same source at the Ministry of National Education called for the “ sense of citizenship among all actors and stakeholders in the educational process, including families, schools and the ministry “, which requires “ collective action and joint efforts, especially on the part of parents and guardians of students who have a duty to orient, guide and educate their children instead of encouraging them to acquire equipment to cheat and defraud “.

Thus, monitoring will continue throughout the period of the baccalaureate exams, through the committees authorized to do so, she continued, calling for more “ vigilance and control in order to prohibit these practices which fall under the category of legally punishable cheating “.

One hour after the start of the ordinary session of the baccalaureate exams this morning, we recall, many pages on Facebook have published exam answers, in particular physics. A phenomenon that is repeated every year despite the vigilance of the competent authorities.

It should be noted that the ordinary session of the national Baccalaureate exam started this Monday, June 20 and will continue until June 22, 2022 for the scientific and technical and professional branches and June 23 and 24 for literature and original education. , while the results of the regular session exams will be announced on July 1, 2022.

Over the past two weeks, security authorities have carried out intensive and successive campaigns in different cities, which have resulted in the dismantling of a number of networks promoting fraud and selling sophisticated electronic devices used for the same purpose. The persons concerned were thus brought before the competent public prosecutor’s office.

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