Aziz El Badraoui before the PJ for investigation into livestock subsidies

Aziz El Badraoui before the PJ for investigation into livestock subsidies

The former president of Raja Casablanca, Aziz El Badraoui, was heard a few days ago by elements of the National Judicial Police Brigade (BNPJ), as part of an investigation into the squandering of public funds linked to subsidies for raising calves and cows, MoroccoLatestNews has learned from informed sources.

El Badraoui, also CEO of the Ozone Environment & Services Group, was heard by the PJ on the instruction of the King’s Attorney General at the Casablanca Court of Appeal, on the grounds that he owns an agricultural farm raising calves and cows and benefits from the support provided by an association of the red meat sector headed by the dismissed president of the municipal council of Bouznika, Mohamed Karimine, and this on the basis of a complaint filed to this effect.

The boss of the cleaning company, whose farm is located in Douar Ouled Saada, Zayada commune in the Benslimane region, will be called upon, during his next hearing before the BNPJ in a few days, to present supporting documents refuting the elements contained in the complaint filed by the Benslimane section of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH).

MoroccoLatestNews sources pointed out that the National Brigade had previously heard from the AMDH president, who filed a complaint against the Red Meat Sector Association, headed by Karimine.

The BNPJ also heard a member of the said association, owner of a farm in the region, accused in AMDH’s complaint of having transferred from his personal account, bank statements in support, a sum of money estimated at 200 million cents, in two days.

According to human rights defenders, the association led by Karimine, receives a financial subsidy from the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA), of nearly 6 billion centimes, which raises suspicions of squandering on those responsible for the association. of public funds.

It is also planned that the National Brigade will interview other members of the Karimine Association, as well as a former executive of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and members of a cooperative located at the entrance to the town of Benslimane, and to which the elements of the PJ had previously gone.

The investigation, according to the same sources, should focus on how the public subsidy for raising calves and cows provided by the state is spent, in addition to the subsidy for fodder and enriched barley, enjoyed by owners of livestock farms in Benslimane.

Note that MoroccoLatestNews tried to reach the former president of Raja Casablanca, but his phone rang with no answer.


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