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Aziz Akhannouch responds to the PJD about “demons”

The leader of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) Party and head of government, responded to the spikes launched by his predecessor, Abdelilah Benkirane, secretary general of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), who called his opponents ( Aafarite) “demons”.

The head of government said on Saturday at a rally of his party’s elected officials in the Casablanca-Settat region: “You know the difficult conditions, such as drought and others, but we, as a government, do not let’s not complain. None of you as elected officials have complained of “demons”, “he launched in a tackle at Benkirane which multiplies the media outlets critical of the current government.

“We do not hide behind the problems, but we face them because we are responsible,” added Akhannouch, addressing the elected representatives of professional groups and chambers belonging to his party.

The head of the RNI held the former elected officials responsible for the water crisis in the Casablanca region, since they “did not assume the responsibility entrusted to them to lead the desalination project seawater,” he said, pointing to the former PJD-led government.

In this context, Akhannouch explained: “We realize that those in charge know that the water problem in Casablanca is important, but unfortunately what had to be done has not been done. »

He continued his speech on the water crisis, which he describes as a “big problem”, declaring: “From this year, work will begin on the level of water desalination in Casablanca, in addition to the hydraulic interconnection project, diverting water from Rabat to the north of Casablanca. We will all get through this difficult stage,” he said.

Aziz Akhannouch also reflected on the transformation his party has undergone in a year and a half since the last elections, declaring: “There is a major change within the party thanks to the great work of elected officials and the Federation of young people and women.

And to add: “For a year and a half, we have been leading the government, and our party is in good health, and we are moving forward, and we are satisfied with what has been achieved”.



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