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AXA Services Maroc, a committed player in customer relations

AXA Services Maroc, the center of expertise in customer relations in the Kingdom of the companies AXA France, AXA Direct France and AXA Partners France, which has continued since its creation in 2004, the deployment of an innovative strategy based on customer satisfaction aims to to be a benchmark in terms of customer service quality.

The managing director of AXA Services Morocco, Eric Berger, affirms in this regard that the company deploys a continual effort of adaptation. “As customer needs change, our business must continually adapt. This is why our project is structured around 3 strategic objectives ”, he said in a press release from the Group.

It is, he says, “to engage our employees because they are the ones who deliver our promise to our customers on a daily basis, to be an agile and innovative company, leaving room for initiatives and always being faster for our customers. customers and also to strengthen our efficiency, to continue to ensure the development of our activities at the service of our customers ”.

As part of one of the largest insurers in the world, AXA Services Maroc’s mission is, in fact, to give everyone the means to live a better life. This mission is shared by the 2,900 employees, 66% of whom are women employed by AXA Services Maroc and who offer services and solutions tailored to customer needs.

This is how the group processes more than 7 million cases each year, with more than 6.3 million telephone calls and generates more than 100,000 sales.

The know-how of the AXA Services Maroc teams covers the main insurance businesses, in this case the sale of contracts, the management of property and casualty insurance contracts, the management of “auto” and “home” claims, the payment of health benefits, the implementation of assistance guarantees, the making of appointments on behalf of AXA’s general agents as well as the management of savings contracts.

The press release also notes that “to bring its ambition to life, AXA Services Morocco has developed recognized expertise in terms of recruiting and integrating new employees”, and its “human resources teams and its Campus, dedicated to training. initial and ongoing work of its employees, today make it possible to train nearly 800 new insurance advisers each year ”.

Likewise, it is further emphasized, and within the framework of corporate social responsibility, AXA Services Maroc participates in the economic and social development of the Kingdom through several operations carried out through AXA Atout Cœur.

“We are proud of the commitment of our teams to serving Moroccan society, through actions supported by our AXA Atout Cœur foundation,” says Eric Berger.

Note that the AXA Group, parent company of AXA Services Maroc, has acquired strong positions in 30 years which today make it the world’s leading insurance brand.

AXA is one of the world’s leading insurance and asset management groups, serving 105 million customers, individuals and businesses, in 57 countries. Its fields of activity encompass insurance, retirement savings, asset management, assistance, banking and legal protection.

The AXA Group employs more than 160,000 people around the world, 10 million customers on 5 continents, 103.5 billion euros in turnover and 3.9 billion in net income.




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