AWB launches Attijari Ebics, a new digital offer for businesses

Attijariwafa bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Division announces the launch of its new digital offer for businesses, Attijari Ebics. It is a solution based on an integrated and highly secure connection between the information systems of companies and that of the bank to receive reporting files and transmit payment or collection transactions.

To meet the needs of its customers wishing to register for a complete digitalization of their exchanges, Attijariwafa bank offers them the possibility, through this service, of transmitting their transactions via the EBICS protocol, and online validation on their e-banking portals. : and, respecting the matrix of signatories configured for this purpose, reports the AWB Group.

Concretely, Attijari Ebics allows, through its two modules “Reporting” and “Transactions”, an automatic integration of bank statements in the cash management software of its customers, and an integrated transmission from them, of salary payment files. and suppliers or even direct debits.

Adnane Driouech, Head of Corporate and International Cash Management within Attijariwafa bank, has this meaning indicated: “For our customers, this solution allows a significant reduction in their administrative tasks linked to bank reconciliations and better control of commercial risks, thanks to rapid and reliable information on receipts, disbursements and outstanding payments of the day”.

This new solution from Attijariwafa bank is a remote transmission offer which also comes in response to customers who used the old ETEBAC 3 exchange protocol, with greater security of data flows.

Transactions passing through Attijari Ebics are thus encrypted and can be carried out in different formats, recognized by reference accounting information and reconciliation systems both locally and internationally. This allows its users to save considerable time, by guaranteeing them fast and fluid exchanges of flows as well as optimal protection of their banking data.



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