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AWB-Finastra, an alliance for innovation

The Attijariwafa bank group, which places innovation at the heart of its transformation and development strategy, has joined forces with Finastra, a multinational specializing in the development of financial software, to participate in “Hack to the Future”, a Fintech movement aimed at establishing sustainable and inclusive finance.

This collaboration aims to make innovation a real lever for creating value and inclusion both for the bank and for its national and international ecosystem, says AWB.

This partnership has resulted in the participation of bank employees through the WENOV entity (developers, business and technical experts) in challenges and webinars around DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, NFT, etc.

The Attijariwafa bank Foundation, in partnership with Wenov, organized on the one hand a civic action to support education: 4 public high schools were mobilized with the agreement of the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF ) of Casablanca-Settat, to have nearly 120 students compete in the “Youth Hackathon” category for 10/18 year olds. The hackathon focused on the theme of “sustainable and inclusive finance”.

On the other hand, the Foundation has invited volunteer employees from the Attijariwafa bank group to support and mentor teams of high school students to structure their projects, from ideation to pitch in front of juries of international experts.

In this regard, two projects stood out:

– ASYLUM, a platform for connecting refugees with embassies, organizations, universities and other institutions in countries around the world.

– MERAKI, an innovative non-profit digital solution, for inclusive education and sharing of knowledge and skills for the benefit of learning users.

Thus “Hack to the Future 4”, has enabled young Moroccans to act as responsible actors in the world of Fintech in order to redefine a sustainable and inclusive future of finance.




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