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Automotive: Sector competitiveness at the center of Ryad Mezzour’s meeting with AMICA

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, held Thursday in Kenitra, a meeting with the Moroccan Association for Industry and Automotive Trade (AMICA), focused on the competitiveness of the automotive sector.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister recalled the driving role of the automobile in the national industry which has allowed Morocco to climb on the podium of the most competitive platforms in the world, specifies a press release from the ministry.

Through the vision and care of King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom has become the continental leader and a global automotive base, he said.

Leading the exporting sectors, the Moroccan automotive industry has succeeded, within the framework of the Industrial Acceleration Plan (PAI), to maintain its position, despite the pandemic, achieving a turnover of 72.18 billion dirhams in 2020 .

In the same way, it has also made it possible to create more than 180,761 jobs between 2014 and September 2021, and to achieve an annual installed production capacity of 700,000 vehicles per year.

In this sense, Mezzour indicated that “the initial objectives of the PAI, ie the creation of 90,000 jobs and the annual production of 600,000 vehicles, have been exceeded. We do not owe this success to chance! We owe this to the excellence of national production and to the ecosystems put in place that have made ‘made in Morocco’ an international benchmark: our automotive industrial platform exports to more than 74 countries around the world, with a local integration rate. by 60% ”.

Looking to the future, the Moroccan automotive industry must capitalize on its strengths to understand the global challenges of the sector.

“Morocco has become fashionable and has taken the turn of sustainable and electric mobility, which it intends to further develop, along with all of its many achievements in the sector. We will capitalize on all these achievements, on the skills of our young people, women and men who work in the sector, as well as on the confidence of the greatest leaders that our country enjoys to make Morocco the most competitive hub in the world. “, Further underlined Mezzour, noting that” to achieve this, and to increase job creation for the benefit of our young people, the Ministry will work hand in hand with manufacturers and equipment manufacturers on 3 important axes: local integration in depth, the decarbonisation of production and the integration of Moroccan capital in this cutting-edge industry ”.

In-depth local integration will thus make it possible to locate new commodities in the automotive sector, while decarbonization, consisting in supplying factories with renewable energies, will make it possible to secure the sector’s exports and strengthen its competitiveness.

“Morocco has the most competitive renewable energies in the world. Part of it will be made available to operators with whom we work in close collaboration and in coordination with public partners, to establish a competitive green energy offer ”, highlighted the Minister, calling on all operators to tighten their efforts. elbows and “working together to meet our challenge to make Morocco the most competitive automotive hub in the world.” We will not skimp on the means to get there ”.




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