Authorities interrogate children, parents in ‘beach pedophile’ case

Authorities interrogate children, parents in ‘beach pedophile’ case

Authorities are continuing they investigation into the pedophilia case surrounding a summer camp in Morocco, a case that shocked the public and reinforced calls for more strict penal sentences for such heinous crimes.

According to MoroccoLatestNews source, the judicial police has questioned 14 children who accompanied the president of a sports association who appeared in a video assaulting a minor in the beach of El Jadida.

Statements made by these children indicated that the accused, detained in Sidi Moussa prison in El Jadida, was accustom to “abnormal practices,” including forcing children to dance sometimes naked inside an apartment located not far from the Abdi stadium, the location for the camp summer camp at the heart of the case.

A group of parents to children who accompanied the president of the association to the city of El Jadida were also questioned, providing details to authorities on the documents that were submitted for registering in the camp and the costs, which differed from one family to the other.

Sources say authorities are additionally investigating the accused’s liability to hold the camp, and wether the activity was conducted in respect to bureaucratic legal frameworks in place.

Sources from the families of the children say parents are coordinating with each other in order to write to various official agencies and civil bodies, to provide psychological and moral support to the children, especially since the incident broke out only a few days away before the start of the school year.

Parents say they are surprised that the alleged pedophile was confortable assaulting these minors in public, and in plain sight, as they fear this reveals a sense of confort that only an accustom aggressor would experience.

According to MoroccoLatestNews human rights sources, a group of associations concerned with children’s rights and women’s associations against harassment and assault will stand as a civil party in this case, in order to support the children and their families.

The Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal in El Jadida had transferred, last Monday, the accused in a state of arrest to the eyes of the investigating judge, who decided to place him under a measure of precautionary arrest on suspicion of human trafficking and indecent assault of a minor, pending the commencement of the detailed interrogation sessions on August 30.


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