Aujjar reaffirms RNI’s commitment to development and addresses kingdom’s adversaries

Aujjar reaffirms RNI’s commitment to development and addresses kingdom’s adversaries

The elected members of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) are fully committed to continuing their development efforts and supporting the Executive in its initiatives and reform projects under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, underlined, Saturday in Nador, Mohamed Aujjar, member of the RNI Political Bureau, calling for continued support for the nation to counter the plans of the country’s adversaries.

During the sixth stage of the Forum of elected officials of the RNI in the Oriental region in Nador, Mohamed Aujjar said that the party’s elected officials are aware of all the destructive maneuvers aimed at harming the interests of Morocco, noting that to do in the face of these, it is necessary persevere in our development, openness and communication efforts“.

And to add: The best response to the maneuvers of our adversaries is a strengthened commitment to the principles of the nation and support for the government, which the elected members of the RNI have complete confidence in meeting the many expectations it has promised to meet.“.

Aujjar notably seized the opportunity to recall that the RNIstes are loyal to the party and Morocco, specifying that they are committed to maintaining integrity, honesty and righteousness. According to the member of the Political Bureau, these elected officials are inspired by the values ​​of the leader of the party, Aziz Akhannouch, as well as his orientations in the management of public and local affairs.

We have established the foundations of a new political practice based on sincere and serious work, and despite all the constraints, difficulties and great expectations, the elected representatives of the RNI support the Head of Government and his government team.“, he continued.

In the continuity of his remarks, Aujjar underlined the approach adopted by the party by organizing regional meetings, thus offering opportunities for discussions and dialogues aimed at defending the aspirations of the citizens and responding to their demands and ambitions. He also expressed the awareness of the government entering its second year, and sent a message of support to the Chief Executive, saying: ” We support you, we support you, and we firmly believe in the success of government initiatives and reforms“.

The RNIst did not fail to highlight the encouraging results obtained by the party during the last electoral stage, counting more than 800 elected officials in the Oriental region. In particular, he made a commitment to double this number during the next elections, stating: We assume this commitment and we promise you our support and support for the government in all areas of reform, under the leadership of the King“.

To conclude, Aujjar underlined that the elected representatives of the RNI will be present during the next elections, and that the results will exceed those already obtained, because “ we do not sell slogans and illusions, but we promise Moroccan citizens reasonable sincerity and hard work“. He expressed his hope that the other components of the government coalition will support the initiatives and projects undertaken by the government of the National Rally of Independents.


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