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Attijariwafa bank joins RippleNet cross-border payment network

The Attijariwafa bank group has joined RippleNet, an international cross-border payment network created by the American company Ripple.

As a result of its desire to accelerate the distribution of payments around the world, Ripple offers with RippleNet, an international payment network based on blockchain technology.

Membership of this network allows Attijariwafa bank and its international financial partners, members of RippleNet, to exchange transfers in a transparent, secure and instantaneous manner. Today, the RippleNet network has more than 200 banks and transfer operators and will allow

Attijariwafa bank to develop transfers from the Moroccan diaspora and complete its catalog of transfer channels.

This membership in the RippleNet network will now allow Attijariwafa bank customers to instantly receive transfers initiated through partner members of the same network.

Thus, the Attijariwafa bank group is strengthening its position as an innovative banking leader, particularly in the field of transactional solutions.

According to Adnane Driouech, Corporate Cash Management Manager at Attijariwafa bank, “for more than a year, we have been entering a new technological era, first with the launch of transactional portals with the latest technical trends for our corporate clients, followed by the creation of a real-time connected solution (the APIs) with our partners who operate in the MENA zone, for MRE transfers”.

With RippleNet, he said, “we are connecting to the blockchain, another fast and foolproof way to receive funds.”

On this occasion, Attijariwafa bank also confirms its first partnership with Thunes, a renowned transfer aggregator, present in more than 70 countries and member of the RippleNet network. This partnership enriches the offer of Attijariwafa bank intended for the Moroccan population residing in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

It should be noted that Ripple, which connects more than 200 institutions around the world, is a member of the ISO20022 Standard Body, a benchmark in the standardization and normalization of international financial flow exchanges.




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