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Attijari International Bank wins COMMERZBANK’s “STP AWARD”

Attijari International Bank (AIB), offshore bank of the Attijariwafa bank group, has just won for the 5th year, the “STP AWARD” prize with the mention “Excellent Quality” awarded by the German banking group Commerzbank, guarantee of the quality of its treatments internationally.

The “STP AWARD” prize instituted by Commerzbank, one of the largest financial and banking institutions present in more than 50 countries in the world, rewards each year the leading banks which offer the best quality of service in the processing of financial transactions and internationally, complying with international standards in terms of treatment and respect for compliance rules.

This award was granted to AIB as a commercial bank which enjoys a solid reputation as a reference bank in the offshore financial centre.

Created in 1994, Attijari International bank supports foreign investors established in the various industrial acceleration zones of the Kingdom. For several years, it has become the bank of reference for the multinationals established there.

For AIB, the “STP AWARD” represents a reward for the efforts of its teams and those of the entities of the Attijariwafa bank group that support its activities. It also reflects a challenge to continue to continuously improve the quality of its services in accordance with the rules in force and regulations set by correspondent banks and various international organizations (FATF and OECD).

Note that Commerzbank is the 2nd market capitalization of the banking sector in Germany. It also participates in the financing of more than 30% of international trade operations.
With this new consecration, the Attijariwafa bank group confirms its leadership in terms of quality of service with its customers and international partners.




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