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Associations call on the State to distribute wealth fairly

Rabat was the scene, this Sunday, December 4, of a demonstration by civil organizations at the call of the Moroccan Social Front to denounce the wave of high prices in the country.

Participants in the march protested against the high prices of staple foods, against the “hogra”, to reform the education system and allow Moroccans to access quality public health services, and provide employment opportunities to the unemployed.

Tayeb Modad, member of the central office of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights and coordinator of the Social Front in Salé, said: “This march takes place in the context of the real crisis that the country is going through and an attack on the rights and freedoms and the daily subsistence of citizens”.

Modad added that “ the Moroccan people suffer from high prices, unemployment and want the improvement of public services such as schools and hospitals. »

Our source also pointed out that “Morocco is not a poor country, but rather has a variety of resources, including marine, fishery and mineral resources, or even phosphate, which is enormous wealth for Moroccans. “. He pointed out that “the alternative is to build a democratic state that distributes wealth fairly to the people”.

The demonstrators displayed slogans and social and human rights demands, the most important of which is the release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

In the same context, human rights activist Khalid El Bakari said: “One of the objectives pursued by an authoritarian policy is to create an atmosphere of intimidation within society, so that citizens remain silent and do not denounce corruption”adding:“The time has come, in light of these circumstances, for a breakthrough in human rights. »



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