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ASMEX, GIZ and SIPPO are committed to expanding their support to new value chains

As part of the partnership agreement concluded on October 4, 2020 between ASMEX, two new value chains are added to the support program, the Project for the Promotion of the Economy and Local Development (PEDEL) of the German cooperation GIZ and SIPPO (SWISS Import Promotion Program).

The three partners concluded the 1er December 2021 an Amendment to the initial agreement which extends the field of application to Saffron from Azilal and Rose Water from Tinghir in addition to dates from Zagora, said ASMEX in a press release.

Until now, a series of training and coaching actions have been organized in favor of the Economic Interest Groups (GIE) of dates. This made it possible to strengthen their management and marketing capacities through modern distribution channels at the national level and to initiate preparation for marketing at the international level, underlines the same source.

Under the new amendment, the three partners undertake to continue their efforts and to provide training and local coaching for producers organized in Economic Interest Groups and cooperatives on product quality and marketing at the national level. , in particular through modern distribution channels.

They are also committed to sensitize and train EIGs and cooperatives on international marketing in addition to providing key information on exporting and putting in touch with foreign importers to prepare and facilitate marketing at the international level. internationally, says the Association.

The final objective of this support being to increase the economic performance of EIGs and cooperatives and the marketing of their products through modern distribution channels in Morocco and abroad, supports the three partners, which will contribute to the creation of added value at the local level and as a result of the increase in income and the creation of new local jobs.




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